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Weeping Silence - Theatre of Life
Weeping Silence - Theatre of Life
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Born of Sand and Snow
Born of Sand and Snow
Vulvagun - Cold Moon Over Babylon $14.00

*** Free Shipping Worldwide ***

"Cold Moon Over Babylon" is the debut recording from Australian Metal band Vulvagun. The album has a central theme based on the mythical Lesser Key of Solomon, an ancient text that was later interpreted and used by renaissance scholars to warn of the dangers of demon worship and associated dark arts. The fabled Hammer of Witches is an interpretive subtext and extrapolation of the Key. Within the music and lyrics of Cold Moon Over Babylon, these themes are explored and expanded to include the idea that many of our fears and modern superstitions are a result of the doors to the underworld being opened in the distant past; of the detailed secrets now lost and the struggle to keep our demons, both real and imagined, at arms length.

01. Cold Moon Over Babylon
02. The Black Pyramid
03. Arise Neophyte
04. A Murder of Demons
05. Malachi
06. Heart of the Mountain (instrumental)
07. Equinox
08. Confessions of a Flesh Eater
09. Union of the Snake
10. On Pain, Transcendence and the Dark Design
11. The Transit of Venus
12. Clavicula Salomonis (instrumental)

Autographed copies available on request (leave message when making purchase)

*** Free Shipping Worldwide ***

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